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NIU Body: your new natural beauty go-to

Mar 19, 2017   |   The QEC

Along with many other aspects of their lives, today’s consumers are increasingly turning to natural beauty products in pursuit of a more authentic and memorable experience. With disruptors like S.W. Basics and Herbivore Botanicals stealing the scene from major industry players like L’Oréal, it’s no surprise that organic beauty claims more than one-third of the $9.6 billion natural and organic personal care industry.

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Post Script: The QEC 2017

Feb 12, 2017   |   Ganesha Thirumurthi and Aayush Goel

It has been two weeks since The Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition 2017 took place in Toronto, but it is hard to believe that after months of preparation, it flew by so quickly. However, this year, like many before, was an event that brought together some of the most talented entrepreneurs from across North America and helped them realize their visions. As co-chairs, we were privileged to work with a group of dedicated, humble, and hardworking students from Queen’s University to organize and run the competition. This year marked the 29th year of the competition and we are extremely proud to have set a series of new QEC records, including the most monetary sponsorship of almost $115,000 and in-kind sponsorship over $35,000, highest number of applicants, and largest international reach.

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With less than a week left until the QEC 2017’s final weekend in Toronto, preparations are well underway. Of course, our mandate also includes preparing and empowering you, the competitors. This year, the top 15 competitors represent a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from healthcare to telecommunications. While there is no formulaic recipe for success at the QEC, we’re here to share some useful advice about how you can make an impactful and memorable pitch, and get closer to clinching the $50,000 top prize.

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No two startup internships are the same. You will hear a lot of different stories about people working at startups, but rarely will you find two similar stories.

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The Power of Mentorship

Dec 4, 2016   |   Jeffrey Turnock

There is one thing that can have the biggest impact on a new entrepreneur or fledgling startup. It’s not seed funding, or a great idea, or a killer marketing strategy, and yet it can open doors to getting all of the above and more. I’m talking about working with someone with the skills, experience, and network to propel your startup to the next level; someone with the willingness to share that hard-earned knowledge. An aspiring entrepreneur’s best friend: A mentor.

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The Entrepreneur's Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 27, 2016   |   John Marshall

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is always challenging and shopping for entrepreneurs is no exception. If you’re having trouble coming up gift ideas, we’ve put together a holiday gift guide that entrepreneurs are sure to love!

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How to hire your next bomb-tastic team

Nov 20, 2016   |   Sara Lian

Thinking of turning your idea into a small business or startup? One of the first things you’ll need to consider is who to take into your team. While hiring people can be some of the toughest decisions that you’ll need to make early on, there are a few simple considerations to make and key qualities you’ll surely want to consider. Here’s some advice we’ve gathered from speaking to successful startups and past competitors of The QEC.

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During its nearly 30-year history, the Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition (QEC) has been acclaimed for its sizeable monetary prizes. In fact, the coveted first, second, and third-place prizes now amount to $75,000. Especially given what the majority of Canadian and global undergraduate startup competitions offer up to its top competitors, the prospect of scoring no-strings-attached capital at the QEC is both unique and undoubtedly appealing. 

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If my 13-year old self was told that my business idea, to create a tech consulting company for seniors, would become a reality, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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Last Minute Tips for Business Plan Submissions

Oct 26, 2016   |   Agnes Wong

If you’re looking to catch that October 29th deadline for submissions to The QEC 2017, it’s probably too late to create a business plan from scratch (consider this a friendly challenge and DM me if you end up writing and submitting a business plan in 3 days). However, for those of you casually strolling towards the finish line, here are some tips to help you polish up your business plans and make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

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Life After the QEC 2016: Suncayr

Oct 18, 2016   |   The QEC

At the QEC 2016, Suncayr impressed the judges and moved on through the final rounds to win the QEC’s $50,000 grand prize, sponsored by Somen Mondal. We spoke with Derek Jouppi, Suncayr’s Co-Founder, about his experience at the QEC 2016. Read on for some valuable insights from Suncayr’s entrepreneurial journey!

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Life After the QEC 2016: SwineTech

Oct 12, 2016   |   The QEC

Last year, the duo of Iowa intellects from Swinetech walked away from Toronto with the QEC’s $10,000 second place prize sponsored by CIBC Asset Management. Matthew Rooda, Co-founder of the innovative venture, shares his key takeaways from the QEC 2016 below.

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Life After the QEC 2016: Vitameter

Oct 3, 2016   |   The QEC

Clinching third place at the Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition 2016, the team at Vitameter walked away with a $5000 prize sponsored by ExperiencePoint. Since January, the Vitameter team has been busy, growing their team and capturing investors’ attention. We caught up with James Maclean, Co-Founder of Vitameter, over the summer to chat about the team’s experience at the QEC, and their advice for prospective competitors.

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Post Script: Life at a Startup

Sep 25, 2016   |   The QEC

Deciding where to work and what you want to do right after graduation might just be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make in your twenties. Regardless of the career path you decide to take, there might be a spot at a startup company that might be right up your alley. The word “startup” is often thrown around to refer to the hottest, up and coming small businesses. However, a common trait that describes many startups is that it’s a company trying to bring to market a creative solution for a problem, but business success is not necessarily guaranteed. Depending on the type of career you’re looking for, you might consider looking into working at a startup that’s looking for your skills and talents.

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Welcome to the QEC 2017

Sep 18, 2016   |   Aayush Goel and Ganesha Thirumurthi

The Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition is Canada’s largest and oldest undergraduate start-up competition. With a 29-year history, we have invited start-ups that have ultimately been acquired by Google, pitched on Dragon’s Den, and raised a substantial amount of money from angel investors and VCs.

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