Become inspired by the incredible community that the QEC has brought together & the stories behind our startup founders, ambitious entrepreneurs and successful companies.

Where are past QEC winners now?

– Winners of the Velocity Fund Finals
– Accepted into Y Combinator
– Acquired by Google for $17 M
– QEC 2014, 2nd place
– Raised $500,000+ on Kickstarter
– Winners of the International James Dyson
Award, TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield, and
Popular Science Invention of the Year

– QEC 2015, 1st place
– Media coverage in The Washington Post, The
New York Times, Bloomberg Politics, TIME,
and CBS This Morning
– Winners of the Model of Excellence award at
the Business Information & Media Summit

– QEC 2014, 3rd place
– Winner of the Nicol Entrepreneurial Award and the
Energy New Venture Competition
– Secured lab space in Calgary and buy the necessary equipment to get research and development up and running
– Filled full patents on their technology
– Received grants and initiated crowd-funding campaign

– QEC 2015, 3rd place
– Pitched on Dragon’s Den, receiving an offer
at $2M valuation
– Raised $200,000 from private angel investors

– QEC 2016, 3rd place
– Secured angel and venture funding
– Expanded network reach out of Ontario into North America
– Opened office in San Francisco with hired team


“We’re electrical engineers building tools for other electrical engineers, but QEC made us realize that anyone could not only understand our product, but also understand the potential it has for changing the technologies we all use everyday.”
– Alroy Almeida, Co-founder of Voltera (2nd Place, 2014)

“A big part of the success that followed for TDot Performance was a result of competing in the QEC. The feedback we got helped us hone our business strategy, and the exposure to business leaders opened new doors for us.”
– Charith Perera, Co-Founder of TDot Performance (3rd Place, 2013)

“At the QEC in Toronto, there are so many people you could meet as potential mentors. We really got to know the judges and then work with them after the competition.”
– Derek Jouppi, Co-Founder of Suncayr (1st Place, 2016)