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Post Script: The QEC 2017

Feb 12, 2017   |   Ganesha Thirumurthi and Aayush Goel

It has been two weeks since The Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition 2017 took place in Toronto, but it is hard to believe that after months of preparation, it flew by so quickly. However, this year, like many before, was an event that brought together some of the most talented entrepreneurs from across North America and helped them realize their visions. As co-chairs, we were privileged to work with a group of dedicated, humble, and hardworking students from Queen’s University to organize and run the competition. This year marked the 29th year of the competition and we are extremely proud to have set a series of new QEC records, including the most monetary sponsorship of almost $115,000 and in-kind sponsorship over $35,000, highest number of applicants, and largest international reach.

We are extremely grateful to our dedicated sponsors who have made the entire event possible. From sponsors that have been with the QEC for over a decade and others that have just joined, together we made this a year to remember. We would like to give a special thank you to our three lead sponsors: Somen Mondal (Ideal) who donated the $50,000 first place prize, CIBC Wealth Management who donated the $25,000 runner up, and the Queen’s Center for Business Venturing who provided $25,000 for operating expenditures.

This year’s competitors came from across North America, with 5 teams in the top 15 coming from American schools such as Berkeley and Harvard, and the remaining 10 teams coming from Canadian schools such as Queen’s, Waterloo, and Simon Fraser. Start-ups ranged from companies in the biotech space revolutionizing client care to mining revelations to AI for documents.

We are very excited to have had two teams from the University of Waterloo win first and second place prize. We encourage you to explore their amazing businesses and keep tabs on them as they rise to success.

1st place ($50,000): PentaMedical

2nd place ($25,000): Knote

After three great years on the QEC, Aayush and I look fondly upon everything that the QEC has done for us – from mentors to jobs to even being first customers of our competitors’ startups, the QEC is truly a family. As we begin the selection process to pass over the reins of one of Canada’s best startup competitions, we are confident that the new leadership and the new team will surpass the records that we have set and bring the competition to new heights.

Thank you again to all of our amazing sponsors, judges, and executive members who have made the QEC the family that it is today!


Ganesha & Aayush

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